When your considering insurance these are the things insurance companies
look for and hence the high prices

Here is just the basic list of criteria that some insurance companies look at.

Age of all drivers – (Younger drivers = more money)
Suburb/Town where kept – (ie, Fairfield costs more than Palm Beach…. a ****ing lot more)
Type of vehicle – (High performance = Higher Premium in most cases)
NCB – (you can save up to 70% on this factor alone)
Value of the car – (the more it’s worth, the more you pay)
Type of Use – (Business use = Costs more)
Finance – (if it’s under some types of finance – you pay more)
Garaged – If it’s kept on the street, or not under cover/behind locked gates etc – you may pay more)
Drivers History – The more claims /accidents and offences you have – the worse you look to an insurance company)
Security – If there is no Alarm/Immobilser – you may pay more, or not get insurance at all.