The 15 year old cars for import

So what’s the story?

The law in Australia states a that you can import cars that are 15years or over. They only need some basic things done to them to enable them to be complied to Australian rules. This opens the way for some interesting cars. at very low cost.

All of the cars shown are examples of 15 year old cars eligible for import

The Japanese drive allot less than we do in Australia and they have much harsher registration laws which require strict annual inspections for older cars with higher taxes and registration cost. this in turn creates a vibrant domestic new car market so people would rather just get a new car than have the hassle of repairing maintaining and inspecting older cars. Alot of peopel catch the train to work and parking is expensive in japan so they leave their car parked and might be lucy to do 100 klms a week also petrol is very expensive. The cars that survive 15 years in the japanese market are generally in very good condition and are well maintained and don’t have a lot of mileage on them.
or else they wouldn to have gone through the harsh inspections.

The process is similar to the normal imports but you can choose from a larger range of products.

This is where we come in with our knowledge of all of these models we can recommend the best combinations to look for and to help you get these cars we can also help you to get compliance for these cars. which is a much simpler and cheaper matter because there the amount of things that need changing is very small Ie seat belts and side intusion bars and a few other things.