These cars and more are available in Japan and here at the moment. Due to slower connections we have removed our stock pics for you to load much faster

To ensure there is no confusion Direct owns no stock all vehicles are own privately or through our japanese wholesaler or licensed traders from around the world as our name suggest we are just a Broker and a location service. By the end of the year we will be wholesale warehouse full of vehicles that we will own at a better price than most and sold through our Queensland dealers license that we already have in place currently used for brokerage. keep your eyes out and keep checking as our list of avail vehicles gets bigger and our service to you continues to be of the highest quality, Don’t forget after July we will also be stocking half cuts and a full range of parts for most imports at very competitive prices.

Please note all vehicles through our brokers side is a flat fee of $550 all vehicles through our location service ex japan is $1100

” delivery to the port of your destination any where world wide”